Educational program

Our educational program

Our educational approach is based on the program given by the Ministere de la Famille : Meeting Early Childhood Needs

In this same spirit, the center offers a comprehensive educational program on fundamental values promoting the development of five areas of development of each individual. It will be decorated with thematic and cultural field trips. Different themes will be set up to allow your child to be creative and master their learning.

The five areas are:

  • Each child is unique
  • Every child, whether girl or boy, has characteristics of its own.
  • The child is the first agent of its development
  • Children learn through exploration, interaction, observation, imitation and listening
  • The development is a comprehensive, integrated process
  • The child development has several dimensions: emotional, physical, motor, social, moral, cognitive, and linguistic
  • Children learn through play
  • Playing the best means to explore the world, to understand it, to imagine it, modify it and control it
  • The collaboration between the educator and parents
  • Collaboration between parents and daycare staff is essential to the harmonious development of the child